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Little Climber Experience

Featured product for ages 0 to 5 years.

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Learn how parents use playtime to quickly enhance the little's creativity, self-confidence, motor skill development, balance control, and muscle growth. For ages 0 to 5 years.

Lily 18mo and River 6mo. This video shows River's first time playing on her Little Climber. Lily had been climbing for about 6mo.


Modular Climbing System

Supporting your little’s individual development speeds with a modular climbing system for ages 0 to 5yr. Free read-along board book.


When To Begin?

When children begin to crawl, they are ready to climb! Climbing is 100% natural and something humans are designed to do, even before we begin walking. Little Climber allows for your child's hands and feet to be active at all times, which makes the experience more organic. Children will know to explore from day one.

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Little Climbing Stories

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Inside Lily and River

Our family owned and operated product factory is nestled within the desert foothills of South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. We create premium, intuitive environments for children world-wide.