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the Little Climber

Join us daily for new climbing adventures!

Learn how families are using playtime to quickly enhance the little's creativity, self-confidence, motor skill development, balance control, and muscle growth. Supporting your little’s individual development speeds with a modular climbing system. For ages 6mo to 5yr.

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the Little Creator

A Montessori influenced activity table for children ages 1 to 8. It’s is an intuitive 3-in-1 surface benefiting playtime and organization skills.


• 1 Little Creator Smart Table
• 2 Little Creator Chairs
• 1 Reversible Brick Skin
• Dry Erase Friendly Top
• 2 Organizer Pouches
• 1 Light Wooden Lid
• Premium Birch Hardwood
• 100% Non Toxic, 0-VOC
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Healthy Sleep Patterns

Use calming white noise sounds designed to support quality sleep. Personalize your sleep setting by blending one or more white noises. Integrate visual lullabies before sleep or to relax the mood. Find soothing meditations proven to benefit sleep.


Inside Lily and River

Our family owned and operated product factory is nestled within the desert foothills of South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. We create premium, intuitive environments for children world-wide.