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Smart Playground created to enhance children's motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and more.


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Grows with your Child

A modular playground is so important because very child grows (mind, body, strength) at their own speed but most products are based on the 'average child'. So, for children who want to take their time or those that may move quickly, aren't truly taken into consideration. Unlike typical children's products made today, Little Climber 'actually grows' with your little one and it will support their abilities at the moment needed, in their stage of development.


It's 100% Natural

Once your child starts crawling, they are ready to climb. It's 100% natural and something humans are designed to do, even before we begin walking. Little Climber allows for both of your child's hands and feet to be active at all times, which makes the experience more organic. Children will just know what to do without prior introduction or practice.


Simply flip your accessory around to use your Slide.


Reversible accessories designed to maximize course options.


Transform your room, yard, or nursery into a fully interactive climbing experience with endless course options.


The playtime experience that benefits children physically, visually, and mentally.


Watching your little one climb is such a fun and magical time. We wanted to capture that joyful moment in the form of a book that can be read anytime. So, we created the Little Climber board book, to help you and your little one get excited and celebrate the climbing experience together.

Play on a light, simple course or setup an advanced and rigorous climb. It's lightweight, folds flat for simple storage, and it's weather resistant. Enjoy climbing under the sun or on rainy days in the comfort of your home.


Lily & River Workshop

Our manufacturing workshop is nestled within the desert foothills of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). We are open Monday through Friday and work daily on creating original, intuitive environments for our children and yours.

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Natural Bamboo - Extremely strong, sustainable, and naturally beautiful hardwood.

Poplar Hardwood - Dense, durable, and consistent hardwood.

Metal Hardware - Durable, aesthetically pleasing, and fully recyclable.