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Meet Little Creator, your new smart sensory table. A Montessori influenced activity table for children ages 1 to 8. Little Creator is an intuitive 3-in-1 surface promoting playtime and organization skills.

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• 1 Little Creator Smart Table
• 2 Little Creator Chairs
• 1 Reversible Brick Skin
• Dry Erase Friendly Top
• 2 Organizer Pouches
• 1 Light Wooden Lid
• Premium Birch Hardwood
• 100% Non Toxic, 0-VOC
• Same Day Shipping

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How does it work?

Little Creator is a multi-purpose activity and sensory table. However, that doesn’t mean it only belongs in the playroom. If you’re short on space or you would prefer to keep your child’s activities close to the center of your home, Little Creator can also double as a coffee table. Due to its sleek, Italian design, it will look great in any room. Your options are endless. 

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Designed to benefit sensory development, imagination, and organizational skills. Little Creator features a read-along board book, a reversible silicon building brick skin that supports LEGO® and Duplo® blocks. Little Creator comes out of the box with a giant dry-erase artwork surface, a food-friendly easy-clean table top, and new play mats are coming soon!

It’s dry erase friendly!

Little Creator Table is sealed and coated with children-friendly, non-toxic (zero voc) dry-erase friendly paint. Your Little Artists are free to create masterpieces on paper or directly onto the table! The surface is also stain resistant for easy clean up after meals.

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Reversible Brick Skin

Little Creator features a reversible building brick skin that supports Duplo® and LEGO® . When playtime is over, all of the toys and materials can be placed neatly in the center pouch and covered with our custom table-top lid. 

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Wooden Lid

At the center, is an opening with one of our organizer pouches attached below allowing for easy storage of Legos, art supplies, and toys. This feature means easy cleanup and storage for all of your child’s play items. The pouches can be removed and replaced with another for even more organized fun. No more scattered Lego bricks on the floor or toys lying around.

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Organizational Skills

When playtime is over, all of the activity items can be placed neatly into the center organizer pouch. The wooden lid is lightweight, created for both Littles and adults.

It’s an experience!

Learn how parents are now using playtime to quickly enhance the little's creativity, self-confidence, motor skill development, balance control, and muscle growth.

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